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Car Wash
Full Service & Exterior
Fredericksburg VA

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Join Our Unlimited Washes Programs Starting At  $14.95

Comes With Extra Benefits:

$2 Off Hot Wax
15% Discount On Detailing
Discounted Family Plans


Full Service Washes

We Do All The Hard Work So You Don’t Have To!
We’ll Take Care Of It All!

Coyote Wash $12.95
SUV $14.95
Unlimited $29.95/month

Thorough Vacuuming of Interior
Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
Dash Dusted
Door Jams Cleaned
Hand Wipe & Towel Dry
Soft Cloth Wash

Cactus Wash $18.95
SUV $20.95
Unlimited $39.95/month

* Coyote Wash Plus
Underbody Wash
Clear Coat Conditioner
Air Freshener

Enchilada Wash 23.95$
SUV $25.95

Unlimited $49.95/month

* Cactus Wash Plus
Tire Shine
Rim Cleaner
Wax Conditioner
Rust Inhibitor
Soft Cloth Wash

Ultimate Wash $28.95
SUV $30.95
Unlimited $59.95/month

* Enchilada Wash Plus
Trip Foam Wax Conditioner
Vision Clear
Double Bond Teflon Protection

Supreme Wash $33.95
SUV $35.95
Unlimited $69.95/month

* Ultimate Wash Plus
Center Console Wiped
Canruba Hot Wax
Bug Prep

Exterior Only Washes

Exterior Coyote

Unlimited $14.95/month

Soft cloth wash
Hand wipe and towel dry
Soft cloth wash

Exterior Cactus


* Exterior Coyote Plus
Clear coat conditioner
Underbody wash

Unlimited $29.95/month

* Exterior Cactus Plus
Tire shine
Rim cleaner
Wax conditioner
Rust inhibitor

Exterior Ultimate


* Exterior Enchilada Plus
Triple foam
Double Bond teflon protection
Vision Clear rain repellant

Exterior Supreme

Unlimited $49.95/month

*Exterior Ultimate Plus
Bug Removal
Hot Wax


Santa Fe Car Wash Has Been Serving Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania Communities For Almost 2 Decades!
1610 Carl D. Silver Pkwy,
Fredericksburg, VA 22401, USA

Opening Hours Current Pandemic Hours

Mon-Sun: 9:00 - 6:00

Summer Hours n/a. Mon-Sun: 8:30-7:00

Winter Hours n/a. Mon-Sun: 9:00-5:00

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